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Pu Men Lin Funeral Services provides full fledged funeral services, ranging from planning to managing funeral services and the cremation or burial procedure.

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Buddhism Funeral Rituals

We specialize in Buddhism rituals for devout followers of the religion. These rituals are conducted by our monks who are revered mediators between humanity and the divine. When we take part in funeral rituals, we take the first step towards accepting a relationship built around our memories with our loved ones.

Authentic Buddhist Practices

  • The ceremony will be conducted by monks to ensure a dignified Buddhist funeral send-off for your loved ones. They will perform rituals of prayers and chants to send the deceased off to a smooth journey into the afterlife and alleviate their sins.
  • From the setup, ornaments to tableware used, these items are exquisitely selected by our team. The altar will be decorated with fresh flowers, fruits, and the image of Buddha. 
  • Funeral essentials such as candles, incense sticks, and incense offerings to be placed into the casket will be included.

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Skillful Guidance and Customised Packages

With over 20 years of experience, we offer dignified & personal funerals for burials and cremations. They can be a small & simple ceremony, or a traditional & religious ritual, or they can also be unique & highly personalised service. It can be whatever you and your family chooses it to be.

Our Funeral Services

We take care of the full scope of funeral services, from planning, managing funeral services and cremation or burial procedures. We provide a stress-free process for you as we honour, respect and remember the departed.

预先规划 Pre-Planning 

  • Plan last farewells and funeral catered for you, and fulfil your wishes 
  • Save on additional fees or inflation in the future by securing your prices now.
  • With practical planning, you can avoid any unnecessary emotional spending and hasty decisions. 
  • Decisive, clear and concise instructions left that prevents future conflicts, uncertainty or indecision for your loved ones. 
  • Particularly suitable for those who do not have an immediate next-of-kin or prefers to have more say over their final journey.

寿板选择和供应 Casket Selection & Provision

  • We provide elegantly designed caskets with excellent craftsmanship and made with high quality material that your loved one deserves. Durable and sturdy, these pieces are sophisticated yet inexpensive for a remarkable funeral service.
  • A suitable casket will be chosen according to the deceased’s religion and size.
  • We pride ourselves with no hidden cost for caskets or coffins.

防腐和敷料 Embalming and dressing

  • Our team will first contact you for a full piece of clothing to dress your loved one.
  • All procedures are conducted by our expert team of embalmers with many years of experience and the use of only first-rate tools and equipment. We also use embalming chemicals that are less harsh to better preserve the skin of the deceased.   
  • They are also equipped with up-to-date and professional embalming practices to produce the best quality of work for your loved ones. 
  • All of our embalmers are NEA-registered and certified in the infection control course.

主持人和服务员服务 Emcee & waitering services

  • We have highly professional bi-lingual emcees who can direct, officiate rites and farewell ceremonies to provide a heartfelt funeral. 
  • They can also facilitate eulogies, which can be shared through photos, tribute videos, toasts or simple chats of your favourite memories of them. We find that this may help family members find meaning in loss. Our emcees can help deliver penned eulogies by next-of-kins or friends who are not keen to deliver the speeches themselves.
  • Waitering services will be suspended to align with Safe Management Measures from NEA in view of the COVID-19 Phase 3 Restrictions.

海葬 Sea burial

  • All-inclusive sea burial package that includes cremation, scattering of ashes, transportation, and boat expenses.
  • We will handle all the logistics, including the arrangement of a chartered ferry to the designated point where the scattering of ashes is conducted. This approved site is about 2.8km out in the sea, south of Pulau Semakau.

直接火葬 Direct Cremation

  • A simple funeral process that is available for family members who prefer not to hold a wake.
  • We will handle the transfer with the cremation centre to secure an available slot for cremation, which is usually conducted at Mandai Crematorium.
  • Our direct cremation services include casket selection, dressing and embalming, funeral pallbearers and hearse. A chartered bus will also be provided to ferry family members from the hospital to the crematorium.
  • Should the family request for a simple religious or memorial service, this can be conducted at the service hall shortly before the cremation procedure.
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普門林 Pu Men Lin

Here at Pu Men Lin, we believe that everyone should have a funeral, in celebration of the life and legacy of the departed. By honoring our loved one with funeral rituals and memorials, we create special memories of our loved one that we can treasure forever. This is always a difficult process and we are here to make this stress-free and comfortable so you can begin a healthy healing process.

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Conduct true religious experience with particular spiritual insight and authority for your loved ones as Venerable Fa Shun possess the understanding of true religious traditions and messages of major religious traditions.